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  • 2012

Actor Richard Grieco, wellknown from the TV serial 21 Jumpstreet and Booker  in the 90th,

presented his first solo art exhibition in Vegas November 2012, Tascha started her painting career on Richard Griecos advice 2009 and was present at his red carpet event in Vegas  !



  • Video shooting in L.A.
  • Tascha is presenting her paintings in a exhibition from the 1st until the 14th of August
    More information will follow soon!
  • The new album ‘ Perfectly Imperfect’ was released in May 2011
    You can download them on iTunes

Former projects

The Art of Auditioning (2010)

Right: Dorian Holley ( background singer of Michael Jackson) Left: Roberto Montero ( Guitarist from L.A.)

Luxembourg Artists for Haiti (2010)

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Tascha & Roger Cicero (2009)

Austria Tour with her former band Madcrow (2008)